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2010-01-17 10:20:15 by XgoldeneagleX

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Deviant page

I there's something that i really hate is when i person watches a god damn stick figure animation and writtes a review like this :
"The animation was smooth but GO BEYOND STICKFIGURE ANIMATION score : 7"


"Add a plot , create characters and music .So i wont give you a descent score cause i dont like stickfigure animations but i watched this one just to lower your score and writte this ANNOYING review.
score : 4"

So if you DONT LIKE stick figure animations DONT WATCH THEM!!!
And you if say :" But not always the author says its a stickfigure animation"
Well , when the animation starts you pretty much CLOSE the window by clicking on thar little X in top right hand corner.

Stick figure animation reviews

New animation song

2008-10-04 13:58:49 by XgoldeneagleX

Hey im gonna submit a new animation, its about 2 minutes or 1 and something of duration and i will put a music.
wich one is the best:
headstrong by trapt
inside the fire by disturbed?

fire bending dude 2

2008-08-26 18:52:25 by XgoldeneagleX

You guys that watched fire bending dude please tell me which is the best:
- the glowing fire that appears in part 1
-the normal fire that appears in part 2 and 3

And tell me where i can find other fire sound effects for fire bending dude 2